Mudcrutch "2" is Out Now!

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  • Mudcrutch "2" is Out Now!

    Mudcrutch "2" is out now.

    To purchase “2” in both physical and digital formats, head to Amazon and iTunes:


    To stream “2” in its entirety, head to Spotify and Apple Music:

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    "A cleansing wash of classic rock with just the right touch of sweet-natured sentimentality” - NPR

    "Superb songwriting...This is a record brimming with catchy melodies, forlorn chord changes, and unique instrumental accents.” - Consequence Of Sound

    "Mudcrutch returns with a second updated sound, edgier tunes...rollicking, anthemic roots rock” - Rolling Stone

    "...elements of Southern swampiness mingling with sun-kissed West Coast mellowness” - Chicago Tribune

    "The new album is as fiery and romantic as a youthful tryst, a rock 'n' roll experience unsullied by the inevitable passage of time and unspoiled by the burden of vital as a band a third it's age” - Boston Globe